About me



I am a full-time senior researcher (Directeur de Recherche, DR) at INRAE, the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment. I work in Grenoble, France, within the Research Unit GAEL – Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory. Mainly together with Bernard Ruffieux, Laurent Muller, and Anne Lacroix I focus on experimental methods and their application to consumer problems, mainly in the domain of food consumption.

Formerly I held for two years and a half a post-doc position in experimental economics at the Max Planck Institute for Economics in Jena, Germany, within the Strategic Interaction Group (ESI), led by Werner Güth. Before that, I worked at the Department of Economics (DPTEA) at LUISS in Rome, working with Prof. John D. Hey and Prof. Daniela Di Cagno.

I received my PhD in Economics from the  Department of Economics (DEAS) of the University of Milano – Statale under the supervision of John D. Hey and Antonio Filippin.

My main research interests are within the bounds of experimental economics, the economics of innovation, and the economics of food consumption. In my PhD thesis I carried out an experimental analysis of the production and sharing of open content in the virtual commons (open source software, copyleft, creative commons) focusing on the role of Intellectual Property Rights in fostering (or hampering) innovative activities.  After the thesis, I compelted papers on Behavioral Industrial Organisation, Risk Elicitation, Public Good Games, Auctions, limited rationality and backward induction.

You can see my publications here (on IDEAS), or here (on SSRN).

I graduated in International Political Sciences in Torino. Before and during my PhD I used to work in the field of Transition Economics for CIRPET and in European Economics, Liberalisation and Institutions for URGE.

When I’m not busy doing research, or hacking my linux-powered PC, I love going around with my camera and take some pictures, or else hiking (as in here) or climbing (as in here).

I was born in Ciriè, a very lively small city lying just below the first ramparts of the Western Alps, near Torino, and if I had to name a place where my roots lie, I would choose somewhere near Corio, and, more generally, the Valli di Lanzo. I feel at home when I can see the bright light that shines behind the mountains’ black silhouette in summer sunsets.  I am a big fan of urban cycling and criticalmass (Torino, Milano, Roma, York).